Introducing Laura, the Co-Founder of Henne and a dedicated enthusiast of retail fashion. Her journey in the industry began with a keen eye for womenswear, navigating through Australian and international designer labels as well as contemporary brands across diverse fashion retail platforms. What fuels her passion is the ever-evolving nature of the retail landscape, driven by global trends and emerging brands, and the continuous adaptation to meet the dynamic needs of customers.

Beyond the fashion realm, Laura finds her greatest fulfilment in her family. Supported by her loving husband, she shares the joys of parenthood with her two beautiful children, Claudia and Ethan. Balancing her role as a fashion entrepreneur with her dedication to her family, Laura embodies the essence of modern motherhood, seamlessly integrating her professional and personal pursuits with grace and authenticity.


How did the idea for HENNE come about?

The decision to start Henne was born out of a burning desire to have something that was mine and and share that passion with other women. I was fortunate to partner with Nadia and Michelle who were also in pursuit of the same dream… and now we are on this wild fulfilling journey together.  It truly is a dream partnership.


Was there a pivotal moment in your journey that empowered you to take the plunge to launch and pursue your business endeavours?

Definitely! I came to a realisation that in order to create something, it was important to step away from the comfort zone that was a highly successful career in fashion brand buying and take the time to view the industry and it's evolving landscape from a clear lens to understand the opportunity. And the space I wanted to play in…

In retrospect, the timing was poignant. I returned from my honeymoon to no job. One of the happiest moments of my life was followed by some of the most daunting. It was a now or never moment and one ill never forget and the leap im glad I took.



Balancing motherhood and the demands of running a business can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. How do you prioritise your commitments and set boundaries?

Yes, this is very real feeling for women in business but also working mums. It is not easy to manage yet something in a sense you need to become comfortable with. Being honest and realistic with your time and commitments and mapping these out holds me in good stead from week to week. I am also fortunate to have support with the children when I'm in the office. Life and kids are unpredictable so flexibility is also key!


How do you believe your experiences as a woman and mother have shaped your approach to leadership and decision-making within your business?

I think all experiences help define who we are and allow us to lean into decision making from a more educated place. Then there are those moments of gut feel which are equally important – they might not make sense but feel right. You should never ignore this.

Finally, female intuition is remarkable and something I have called on as a Mum and will continue to. I can’t explain it, but women just somehow know!

Leadership is something I continue to navigate – I’m not perfect but do my best in this space.

What I do bring to the table without fail is authenticity and honesty. I encourage people’s individuality, independent thoughts and enjoy forthcoming feedback from our team and our customer. People are key in our business and the best ideas come from within. At a minimum, I try to bring the fun and happiness where possible to create a space where people want to be on the daily!  


In what ways do you advocate for gender equality and support other women in your industry?

I advocate for the individual regardless of gender. We are so fortunate to be able to have a cross section of team members in HQ and in our retail store which makes for a dynamic and unique team. We collaborate with other founders and businesses which continue into really wonderful partnerships.



What challenges have you faced as a woman in business, and how have you overcome them?

Balancing family life and being a mum with being a leader and driving the business forward is a very real challenge. You are needed in both camps – you are heavily relied on by both sides. The added pressure in the back of your mind is that you are now responsible for peoples future, career growth and most importantly their livelihoods.

The expectation I put on myself to deliver on this and not let anyone down is huge. Transitioning life as it was pre this vs now also comes with sacrifice. Naturally, I have needed to reprioritise and such  sacrifices have come at a cost of personal time and time invested in relationships which are unfortunately not easy for everyone to understand.


When it comes to managing the dual responsibilities of motherhood and entrepreneurship, what support systems, resources, or networks have been your saving-grace?  

Navigating the business with Nadia and Mich has been paramount. We are all working mums and share the same frantic schedules and dual responsibilities with mumlife and worklife. That in itself is comforting to bounce off and share the realness of it together. There is an underlying understanding and respect for how we manage and help each other through it. The support and hands on approach of my husband is a gift as is the help from my mum to look after the kids two days a week. Also couldn’t do it without a great daycare!


Being a co-founder and a mother requires immense strength and resilience. How do you prioritise self-care and well-being while managing the demands of both?

My resilience has strengthened through experience – both good and bad. It's  travelled with me for a long time now and I’ve realised I am highly adaptable because of it.

I advocate for self love and self care. Having ‘me’ time is critical to me functioning  at my best.

Finding the space and silence to be in my own thoughts is something I build into my weekly schedule. This is a non negotiable. Sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan, but I make sure I get back on track with it as soon as I can.



Can you highlight a mentor or role model who has inspired you on your journey, and share the impact they've had on your career?

I find inspiration in many people and social media has allowed us to look intimately into the lives of people globally and take a more behind-the-scenes viewpoint as well as showcase the gloss of instagram. You experience far more of a personality and tone of voice than ever before, especially when I grew up on print media which didn’t have the same voice and level of interaction.

There’s something humbling about being apart of this wider community and connecting with people you may not know but like what they’re about and what they’re doing or how they choose to live. It’s thought provoking. Its inspiring. It’s outward looking which is important when Australia is so far away. It can be an escape.

This is important for someone like me whose early career took me around the world frequently on buying trips to experience this in live time. I thrived off this curiosity and freedom to wander and explore and immerse in culture and movements.

Whilst it doesn’t replace physical travel, these platforms transport us in a digital way, and in my case are easily accessible when travelling is not always easy and possible with two little ones.


Finally, on International Women's Day, what message would you like to share with women around the world who are pursuing their dreams and breaking barriers in their respective fields?

I would say to anyone, GO FOR IT! Exploit your x-factor in whatever that may be – its not an easy or straight road so be prepared to course correct. Be prepared to do the work at all costs.


 Our Fearless Quickfire

1.   Early bird or night owl? Night owl ha! (still!)

2.   Wine or Gin?  Vino!

3.   Favourite productivity hack? My work wife is Microsoft office calendar. ;)

4.   Best source of motivation? Self motivation.

5.   Are you a planner or  professionally – planner. Personally – spontaneous!

6.   Must-have item in your entrepreneur/mum survival kit? Lollipops, when I need the kids to quickly be amused to take a zoom or make a call.

7.    Go-to stress-relief technique? Morning walks and mini trips away.

8.    Favourite podcast or book for inspiration or business insights? The 5 dysfunctions of a Team.

9.    One thing you wish you had more time for? Travel.

10.  One word that describes the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship for you? Sacrifice.


March 06, 2024