In celebration of this special occasion, we've had the privilege of interviewing some remarkable women for a special series for Fearless Founders.

These women embody strength, resilience, and success across various industries, all while navigating the journey of motherhood.

Allow us to introduce you to the extraordinary women who shared their journeys, insights, and the defining moments that have shaped them into the trailblazers they are today.



 How did the idea for portier come about?

portier was born out of a personal need - a desire to create a product that made me feel good and granted the freedom to get out an about effortlessly with my babies. As a lover of all things design from interiors, architecture, and most of all fashion, I found it challenging to find products that resonated with my style. Over a dedicated 2- year journey, I created our hero product, the Limitless Carrier.




Was there a pivotal moment in your journey that empowered you to take the plunge to launch and pursue your business endeavours?

While on maternity leave with Xander, I experienced a significant internal shift. I craved change and wanted to take control of my own path. I no longer wanted to conform to the unrealistic expectations of balancing motherhood with the demands of a corporate career. Instead, I aspired to create an environment that empowered me to successfully navigate both roles, as a mother and business owner. With nothing to lose during my maternity leave, I followed my intuition and took the plunge. Since then, I've never looked back.


Balancing the chaos of motherhood and the demands of running a business can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. How do you prioritise your commitments and set boundaries?

To be completely honest, navigating the balance between motherhood and running a business is an ongoing challenge that I’m still working my way through. It can quite often feel like organized chaos, but I've come to embrace imperfection along the way. I've learned to let go of unrealistic expectations, I’ve stopped overcommitting myself and accepted that it's okay not to have everything under control, all the time. Reminding myself daily that I'm doing a great job, despite occasional slip-ups; like forgetting appointments or purchasing that last-minute birthday presents on our way to the party (eek). I just don’t sweat the small stuff.




How do you believe your experiences as a woman and mother have shaped your approach to leadership and decision-making within your business?

My experiences as a mother have undoubtedly influenced my approach to leadership and decision-making in my business. Motherhood has transformed me, making me more empathetic and an attentive listener. It’s also taught me resilience, and the importance of prioritising what truly matters. These experiences have shaped me into a compassionate and inclusive leader who values collaboration, communication, and teamwork. I really try hard to create a supportive and empowering environment for my team, where everyone's voices are heard and their opinions valued.

In what ways do you advocate for equality and support other women in your industry?

I am a strong advocate for empowering and supporting other women in business. Whenever possible, I am willing to lend an ear and provide support. In my previous role, I consistently offered mentorship and guidance to those who needed it. Currently, I am actively seeking opportunities to network with other female founders. There is an unspoken sense of camaraderie, especially among female founders navigating motherhood while running their businesses. We understand the struggles and challenges of balancing both, and it's reassuring to know that we're not alone in this journey.



Finally, on International Women's Day, what message would you like to share with women around the world who are pursuing their dreams and breaking barriers in their respective fields?

I would like to share a message of encouragement and empowerment with women worldwide who are bravely pursuing their dreams and crushing barriers in their respective fields. Remember that your voice matters, your ambitions are valid, and your potential is limitless. Stay resilient in the face of challenges, treat every problem as an opportunity to innovate and most of all – Don’t sweat the small stuff!


Our Fearless Quickfire 

  1. Early bird or night owl? Night Owl
  2. Wine or Gin? Gin.
  3. Favourite productivity hack? Get it done!
  4. Best source of motivation? Empowering others
  5. Are you a planner or spontaneous? I'm fairly spontaneous and generally organise things last minute.
  6. Must-have item in your entrepreneur/mum survival kit? Roll with the punches! 
  7. One word to describe your parenting style? Balanced. 
  8. Go-to stress-relief technique? A little self care.
  9. One thing you wish you had more time for? Myself  
  10. One word that describes the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship for you?  It's not a word, but a quote from Anna Lahey, The Founder of Vida Glow. It really resonated with me and it's exactly how I feel about Motherhood and Entrepreneurship - "It's the hardest thing I've ever loved".


March 07, 2024