Introducing Raquel Bouris, founder and creative director of WHO IS ELIJAH, an independent fragrance house established in 2018, based in Sydney, Australia. What began as an idea during Raquel's travels has now earned her a seat at the table with some of the biggest names in the Australian beauty industry. Her background as an Executive Assistant provided valuable insights into the business world, preparing her for the challenges of running her own venture. Raquel is also a proud mum to two beautiful children: George, who is 6, and Pippa, who is 2. She has redefined the rule book and started a new chapter, changing the norm of the fragrance world.
How did the idea for WIE come about?
The idea for WHO IS ELIJAH came about after I encountered a captivating scent during a night out at Coachella. It was a fragrance oil from India that stuck with me long after the festival. This experience inspired me to create a brand that offers unique and long lasting scents, leading to the launch of WHO IS ELIJAH. 
Was there a pivotal moment in your journey that empowered you to take the plunge to launch and pursue your business endeavours?
The pivotal moment for me was the overwhelming support from my family and friends, and the genuine love people had for my fragrance sample. Seeing their reactions and hearing their positive feedback was incredibly empowering. Something told me to keep going ahead with the business, and that encouragement gave me the confidence to launch WHO IS ELIJAH. 
Balancing motherhood and the demands of running a business can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. How do you prioritise your commitments and set boundaries?
Balancing motherhood and business is definitely a juggling act. I rely heavily on a solid support system. Setting clear boundaries and prioritising my commitments helps me stay focused. It's all about creating a routine that works and making sure to take time for myself to recharge. 
How do you believe your experiences as a woman and mother have shaped your approach to leadership and decision-making within your business?
My experiences as a woman and mother have taught me the importance of empathy, resilience, and multitasking. Balancing motherhood and running a business has made me more adaptable and understanding of my team's needs.
When it comes to managing the dual responsibilities of motherhood and entrepreneurship, what support systems, resources, or networks have been your saving-grace?
Mother-in-law, a good day care and a roster of babysitters. Being a founder and a mother requires immense strength and resilience.
How do you prioritise self-care and well-being while managing the demands of both?
I am terrible at self-care & my wellbeing. Ha! Work has always come first; however, I am finally starting to prioritise going to the gym and having ‘me-time’ six years later! 
Can you highlight a mentor or role model who has inspired you on your journey, and share the impact they've had on your career?
My husband Adam has been my best role model since I met him. He was already a business owner and business savvy when we met, and then when I started WHO IS ELIJAH, he helped me from day one. Now, Adam is the CEO of WHO IS ELIJAH and we as a business owe a lot of our growth to him. 

Our Fearless Quickfire  

  1. Early bird or night owl? I go between the two!! 
  2. Wine or Gin? Vodka girlie 
  3. Favourite productivity hack? Have an amazing assistant 
  4. Best source of motivation? I am motivated by success. Reaching my goals.
  5. Are you a planner or last minute mostly.. 
  6. Must-have item in your entrepreneur/mum survival kit? A tribe around you to help when the days are long 
  7. Go-to stress-relief technique? I love my massages, this quiet time with no phone and to be alone in my thoughts is hard to come by anywhere else 
  8. Favourite podcast or book for inspiration or business insights? I love listening to podcasts Mark Bouris, The Lazy CEO, Life, Money & Love, female startup club.. so many!
  9. One thing you wish you had more time for? Sumer holidays, laying on the beach.
  10. One word that describes the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship for you? Life!



July 08, 2024